Monday, January 27, 2014

(001) Scott Schirmer's found.

"Found" release poster
Intro: Well, since this is my first post I feel as though I should explain myself. I have been an avid fan of horror for years but just recently I have gotten heavily into it. So heavily so that I believe that I am ready to share my opinions with others. This is a huge step so please bear with me. I will try and post rather regularly and review a vast array of films from the horror genre and many subgenres. This following review is going to be in the format that I will continually use. I have enabled user comments so please if you would state what you liked and didn't like about the review itself or we can also discuss the film.

Plot: Marty is the ideal fifth grade student. He gets good grades and keeps quiet. He loves horror movies quite a lot more than the average fifth grader should but that is about the end of the irregularities for Marty. Except that isn't true, because Marty is picked on relentlessly at school, his parents seem distant, and worst of all his brother has a secret. He kills people. Marty is the ideal fifth grader who just happens to be severely bullied, a loner, and is the little brother of a serial killer. Now he is tasked with growing up in a literal horror movie of a life.

My Opinion: I believe that found was one of if not the best independent horror release of 2013. The way that this film combines drama and the horror is amazing and could be impossible to mimic or recreate. The character of Marty (played by Gavin Brown) and Steve (played by Ethan Philbeck) were performed extremely well I especially respect Gavin's acting for his age (like 12-13 at the time) and Steve is played expertly and believably by Ethan Philbeck whose career I really hope takes off. Louie Lawless was great as the father (he just seems like a classic Midwestern hard ass pops) and Phyllis Munro played the mother as lovingly, sweetly, and sternly as you would expect. Overall the acting in this film is top notch for its level of independecy. Even the kids who play the bullies at the school are quite good actors. I have heard from many that the film runs long (103 minutes) which I honestly just don't understand. I sat through the whole film fully intrigued and captivated. The time passed extremely fast and was an enjoyable experience.

Story: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Gore: 3/5
Enjoyment: 5/5

Conclusion: This film is amazing and a must see for fans and non-fans of indie horror. It truly is that good. I would recommend to anyone that is interested to hold on as they are currently working on a wide distribution deal. I would also like to congratulate the director Scott Schirmer on making an amazing film and truly living up to the indie horror scene hype. You can check out the film on Facebook here:   EDIT: I almost   forgot to link you all to the actual website:

Ethan Philbeck as Steve

Shane Beasley as the Headless Killer
Gavin Brown as Marty

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